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My street in SF

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Scripting the Zeus/Stingray API

So you are digging the Joyent API, you have your provisioning working with your Chef or Puppet Scripts. Here is a shell script you can use to add that new box to your Stingray load balancer. #!/bin/bash zxtm=localhost /opt/zeus/zxtm/bin/zcli

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Load Balance by domain name

Wrote this little bit of TrafficScript for some clients today and published to the Joyent wiki. I think it’s pretty readable. $hostHeader = http.getHostHeader(); if( $hostHeader == “” || $hostHeader == “”){ “” ); } else if( $hostHeader == “” ){ “” ); Enjoy

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Karanda – Infectious (Original Mix)

I am feeling this at the moment

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Mat Zo – Back In Time

Dancing to this at this at the moment  

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