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Scripting the Zeus/Stingray API

So you are digging the Joyent API, you have your provisioning working with your Chef or Puppet Scripts. Here is a shell script you can use to add that new box to your Stingray load balancer. #!/bin/bash zxtm=localhost /opt/zeus/zxtm/bin/zcli << EOF Pool.addPool [“JoyentDemo”],[[“″,”″,”″]] Pool.setLoadBalancingAlgorithm [“JoyentDemo”], roundrobin Pool.setPassiveMonitoring [“JoyentDemo”], 0 Pool.setMonitors [“JoyentDemo”], “Full HTTP” Pool.setKeepalive [“JoyentDemo”], […]

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Down to San Francisco this week for Game Developers Conference, see you at the Joyent booth

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Load Balance by domain name

Wrote this little bit of TrafficScript for some clients today and published to the Joyent wiki. I think it’s pretty readable. $hostHeader = http.getHostHeader(); if( $hostHeader == “” || $hostHeader == “”){ “” ); } else if( $hostHeader == “” ){ “” ); Enjoy

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Scaling WordPress in the Joyent Cloud Part 3

You have hit the big time with your WordPress blog, GigaOM and Nikki Finke think you are the most influential blogger on the planet. Congratulations, your mysql database is about ready to crash or worse, it already has. In this post I discuss what you need to do with your database to keep this beast […]

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Too cool Nokia 4D projection system w/deadmau5

This is something special to watch

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