Brendan Gregg – vmstat

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Brendan Gregg – Unix Load Explained

Anyone interested in understanding unix system performance should watch.

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Made the cover of Inside Social Apps

While asking a question about analytics, someone snapped this pic, wish I had brushed my hair :)

Peter Yorke asks a question

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A day in the future – Made of glass

Great video of the future made of glass. Thanks Corning!

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Site moved to JoyentCloud

After many months of procrastination. I moved this WordPress blog to

Way faster loads. Let me know what you think

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Inside Social App Conference 2011

At Inside Social Apps today

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Productive trip to LA this week

Really productive trip to LA

On the plane ride down I got following done:

1. Wrote 3 sci fi stories
2. Used iThoughts mind mapping to do some brainstorming on the new public cloud line of business and organized my ideas around analytics
3. Wrote an outline for an article I have due for work

Then had some great client meetings

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iPhone Tethering

iPhone tethering is the ability to allow your iPad to use your iPhone to connect to the Internet.

You knew that AT&T would try to squeeze more money for a feature that should be standard and free on the iPhone.

Not a day goes by when I wish this stupid business mode of carriers and handsets with dumb ass business rules that prevent you from using all the features of smart phones to be more productive for an extra fee

What is wrong with these companies other than just pure greed and abuse of their customers

You can jail break your phone, but then run afoul of Apple

When are consumers going to get to drive the bus? Just wondering out loud

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Remembering DEN – Digital Entertainment Network

While waiting for a meeting in LA, we parked in front of old DEN office space. I had to take some pics. The space is for lease again. Some people say the space is cursed.

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Growing slugs

This is one of our Washington slugs

They grow big and come in many colors

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In LA Today

Riding about with Steve and Scott

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Joyent Ads

Here are some new ads for Joyent.

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Kitten Gallery

Here are some pics of our new cats, click on photo to see the full image

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Fall planting and Greenhouse

I got this nifty greenhouse as a house warming present. It took a few days to assemble and I needed a friend to help with the final assembly steps.

I am in full fall planting mode. Verbena seeds are germinating. Sunflowers and a few others seeds are going in the frames.

Tulip bulbs were on the planting schedule today.



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Turn your Head MRI into a skull for Halloween


Spent some time with Matt Westervelt, of Seattle Wireless fame, at his new business venture called Metrix Create:Space on Capital Hill in Seattle

It’s a hard business model to describe, but here goes:

If you are a Generation X’er its like Craftmart for Generation Y

If you are a Baby Boomer it’s like going to the guy with all the tools, parts, and resources to work on your car or home

Put another way, it’s a place to drop in with your “Do it yourself” project for 21st century technologies and art.

Now to the MRI part, Matt has a MakerBot CupCake set up so you can drop in with your design and make a small prototype. So like most folks in Seattle, someone took a moment to turn the DVD of his head MRI and turn it into a file for the Makerbot.

And Viola, tiny skull from the MRI of your head!

I figure, in the not to distant future, you will be able to drop in to Matt’s place to build your designer molecule or virus for life extension or cognitive brain upgrades. You should be able to hack yourself, right?

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Real Estate Transaction Complete

The purchase of our new home we started in May, finally completed yesterday. After a title issue that required a superior court guardianship hearing and some 11th hour feet dragging by Wells Fargo Bank on a wire transfer, we own 4.6 Acres on Camano Island, WA

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Current Death Toll

The cats have brought the death toll this season to the following:

20 Moles
7 Mice

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Senator Patty Murray responds

Finally got a lame formula reply from Senator Patty Murray‘s office.

But nothing about public option or single payer health care, just a bunch of safe positions, nothing that would stir a controversy.

Here is the response, you decide.

Dear Peter:

Thank you for writing me to share your thoughts on health care reform. It is good to hear from you.

Health care reform is one of the most critical issues facing our nation. Our current health care system is unstable and unsustainable. Too many people do not have health care coverage and many of those who have coverage are worried about losing it in this uncertain economy. Businesses and families are finding it harder and harder to deal with increasing health care premiums.

In addition, Washington state family budgets cannot sustain the continual rise in health care costs and hidden taxes in the form of rising premiums to cover the uninsured. If we do not get health care costs under control, local, state and federal government budgets will have to take on the weight of rising health care costs. While health care reform may require an initial cost investment, I strongly believe that it will pay off in the long term and the cost letting the system become more unstable is much greater. Without reform to our health care system, premiums will continue to rise, coverage will become more uncertain, businesses will lose competitiveness and it will be harder for Americans to have access to care.

After months of hearings and over 50 hours of public markups, I was pleased that on July 15th, the Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions (HELP) Committee passed the Affordable Health Choices Act. The Affordable Health Choices Act lays out policy changes for health care reform in America. This package works to rein in health care costs with a goal of lowering them in the long term and ensure that all Americans have access to high quality, affordable health care coverage. It allows those who like their health insurance to keep it and provides options to those who do not have access to health insurance coverage.

This bill includes provisions to implement several key health insurance reforms. For example, insurance companies would no longer be able to refuse coverage to individuals due to preexisting conditions, patients’ out-of-pocket expenses would be limited and all annual and lifetime caps on insurance coverage would be eliminated.

The passage of the Affordable Health Choices Act out of the HELP Committee is a major step in the longer process of health care reform. The Senate Finance Committee is also working on many aspects of health care reform and the Affordable Health Choices Act will need to be combined with this legislation in the future. The Finance Committee is expected to release their proposal soon. In addition, the House of Representatives is working on a separate version of health care reform legislation.

As the Senate moves forward on health care reform legislation, I will be weighing the many concerns that I am hearing from constituents all across Washington state. As this effort continues, I will certainly keep your thoughts in mind. You can find more information on my Website at

Again, thank you for contacting me about this important issue. If you would like to know more about my work in the Senate, please feel free to sign up for my weekly updates at Please keep in touch.

I hope all is well in Camano Island.

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Was playing with PHPMotion today.

They have a great out of the box experience for creating a video and image gallery.

PHPMotion Version 3

They claim to be a YouTube clone that can be customized via templates.

Set was a bit of a beast because it uses phpSHIELD a PHP encoder. After a few hours of googoling and debugging, I got is up and running.

Take it out for a test drive.

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My members of congress suck!

I sent them some email about 2 weeks ago about some solutions for the health care debate. No form letter response, no acknowledgment of my mail, but I got added to one of my senators mailing lists.

I know they get lots of letters from special interest groups, lobbyists, and astroturfers. But that’s why you give them your home address and phone number, so they know it’s from an actual constituent. The staffs of your representatives need to at the very least acknowledge your mail, even if you don’t get a personal response.

My representatives are:

Senator Patty Murray
Senator Maria Cantwell
Representative Rick Larsen

It’s no wonder people are pissed off in these town hall meetings, you can’t even get a email auto-responder.

I’ll let you know if these folks ever reply.

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